Web Development

Web Development, is also one of the specialized form of Application Development wherein the application which is developed is hosted on the server for the end users to access. These applications can either be hosted on dedicated IBM servers or can also be uploaded on cloud infrastructure (platform as a service) wherein customers can propose for a pay-per-use model.

Web Development, per se, includes end to end applications developed and hosted on the web as well as websites built for clients’ businesses. A majority of them may include ecommerce sites as well, with integrated payment gateways. These websites are often required to be closely integrated with Google Analytics so that customers can track the online behavior of their customers. Quantitative metrics such as number of visits, number of form submissions, number of subscriptions, churn from the payment gateway etc. adds on to the richness of the website.

Synaps Technologies, via its effective team and rich portfolio of existing software capabilities are able to provide customized services to cater to the specific business needs and demands of the customers.

Web Development Process

The entire process used at Synaps Technologies in delivering their offerings depends upon the preference of the customers and more importantly, the clarity of the requirements that they have at their end. The range of software development process followed in software delivery ranges from the conventional waterfall model; to the more dynamic agile methodology where in the entire project is segregated and executed in terms of sprints of phases. However, by convention, the different stages in the development and delivery of software products and services to customers are mentioned below:-

Requirement gathering

This is the starting phase of the development cycle wherein the domain experts and business analysts converse with the clients and get a concrete blueprint of the actual requirement which is at hand. The key deliverable at this stage of analysis is the test plan which would be used in building the application, and an exhaustive requirement document agreed and signed by the client


The second stage after the requirement stage is the design stage wherein the software and hardware requirements of the implementation is discussed and finalized. In addition to that, the management & scoping out of work is done at this stage with algorithms developed on how to shape the final deliverable


As the name suggests, this is the actual development phase of the application which would be in accordance to the specifications as decided in the process 1, and also abiding by the design specifications as decided in the second process

Testing & Delivery

This is one of the crucial steps of the software development life cycle as this determines the error rate of the deliverable. The application is subjected to all forms of testing environment including stress testing, before being delivered to customers.