Software Testing

Synaps Technologies also has a proven and industry benchmarked testing platform which helps many a client to test their existing applications against customized use cases specific to their business requirements.

The different type of testing mechanisms include:

  1. Manual Testing : This includes unit test, functional testing, integration testing, system testing as well as user acceptance testing
  2. Automation Testing : Here, an automated framework is used for testing such as all test cases are executed at run time, and any errors are immediately notified during the development stage as and when the bug is inserted to the system
  3. Performance Testing : This is also known as regression testing wherein the application is tested against full load so as to check the performance of the same in live environment. This is also quite similar to stress testing as well.
  4. Selenium Testing : This is one of the testing software which offers an integrated development environment for users specifically used for testing web applications.

Quality Assurance is much more than testing

We, at Synaps, do not stop at testing an application which is being delivered to our clients but take it to a level higher by understanding the roadblocks faced by the team of technical and domain experts in delivering the project on time in terms of the business critical learning, the adhoc requests or issues which crept up and which was not planned ahead and so on. All these learning from each of the completed project helps in optimizing the learning curve so that the best practices from one project can be used in others’, and more importantly, the issues or glitches experienced in one is not repeated on another.

Therefore, in lieu of this, it is extremely important to embed careful scanned test and use cases in the environment used in the development of the application, so that all bugs are caught while it is being inserted into the development cycle making the testing procedure extremely convenient. In addition to that, with each new addition to the deliverable, a set of pre-defined procedures and test cases should be run, and the reliability and repeatability of the results should be compared, which in turn would help identify the actual source of the bug and act accordingly.

Customer Application Development

Although manual testing does help in narrowing down issues and bugs in the system, zeroing on the variances in the deliverable as compared to the set or promised standards in quality promised to the customers, still there is no replacement to automated testing scripts. We at Synaps Technology believe in an automated testing environment by finalizing an exhaustive testing strategy with close co-ordination with the business needs of the customers. These initiatives not only multiply the reliability of the test results but also save cost and time in the long run. The team of technical and domain level experts has carried out multiple testing and Quality Assurance projects in the last few years with extensive usage of automated platforms such as WinRunner, Junit testing in Java environment, Segue SilkTest, LoadRunner, Selenium and many more in carrying out various test strategies such as unit, integration, load, stress, black box, white box etc. on client applications..