Hiring at Synaps Technologies a continuous and ongoing process. Software Professionals in various disciplines looking for a change and growth in career may send their resumes to .


The valuable employees at Synaps Technologies perform their duties and responsibilities not really like employees, but as the ambassadors and partners of our enterprise. We are highly committed to render satisfactory services to our clients, but we never do so by making our employees unhappy and dissatisfied. We know that the satisfied and happy employees mean the satisfied and happy customers.

We desire to win in the marketplace, however; we know that it is next to impossible unless we win in our workplace, and that is possible only when our employees are happy and satisfied. We love to have the experienced candidates become the part of Synaps Technologies, but we also highly value the fresh talents. We believe that with the passage of time, the fresh candidates would acquire desirable experience and become the valuable ambassadors of our organization.

Along with taking care of our senior employees, we also have great care and concern for the new comers. We welcome the new and fresh talents, and provide opportunity to move towards the fullness of life and career.

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