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Synaps Technologies provide several sophisticated and technically proven solutions in various domains. It fulfills the exact software requirements of client’s business. Using the in depth knowledge and experience of having implemented multiple technology solutions for customers from diverse industries, they offer customized business solutions using a plethora of IT services. The team expertise in any form of implementation – be it development of any platform such as ecommerce platforms, BPO services, application development etc. or maintenance services such as maintaining their ERP infrastructure and so on.

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We, being a technology dedicated firm, base our delivery mechanism in such a way that we cater to the business needs of the customers, rather than simply positioning out offerings in the form of technical projects or assignments. .

Application Development

Application Development (or maintenance) projects include end to end development of applications which would solve their business problems.

Mobile App Development

Synaps Technologies expertise in designing, developing and maintaining mobile applications for both Android and IOS makes it a perfect vendor to provide mobile apps for any business catering to any industry or customer segment.

Web Development

Synaps Technologies, via its effective team and rich portfolio of existing software capabilities are able to provide customized services to cater to the specific business needs and demands of the customers.s


Synaps Technologies also has a proven and industry benchmarked testing platform which helps many a client to test their existing applications against customized use cases specific to their business requirements.


Synaps Technologies understands the technical requirements as well as the culture and DNA of the organization and accordingly screens candidates so that they easily fit into the culture of the organization.