Mobile – IOS and Android

Now a day, customer viewership trends show that there are a majority of the hits to the website or any other web content from a mobile device than a desktop. Therefore, it is extremely important to launch its entire web content in the mobile version so that users can easily access the same using their mobile devices.

In addition to that, web contents hosted on servers must be responsive contents which mean that the look & feel, size and orientation of the same should adjust itself based on the dimension of the device used by the customers to access the content.

Synaps Technologies expertise in designing, developing and maintaining mobile applications for both Android and IOS makes it a perfect vendor to provide mobile apps for any business catering to any industry or customer segment.

Co-creating apps – Do you have an app idea?

We, at Synaps Technologies, believe that the best way to give shape to customer centric, modern and sophisticated apps is to take ideas from the customers as they are best aware of their needs. In lieu of this, there is a campaign where in any prospect or an enthusiast with an awesome app idea can share his or her idea with Synaps, who would then collaborate and refine the idea, and give shape to a utility business outcome of the same.

All potential ideas which have business sense would be taken into consideration by the team of esteemed technicians and domain experts and would be incorporated in applications that meet consumer needs in a more proactive manner.

So, feel free to share your ideas at Synaps Technologies and see your app getting materialized into a functional app used by businesses from across the globe.